Whether you are single, have a family or own a business,
you may be concerned about tax compliance or tax planning.

That’s why you need an experienced CPA’s guidance.

Lawrence is a CPA specializing in tax compliance and tax planning. He offers a broad range of services, has 20 years of expertise, offers affordable rates, and possesses a sincere desire to help every client, every year.

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Tax Compliance

Tax laws change annually. Lawrence helps Individuals, Closely Held Businesses, Trusts and Estates, as well as Non-Profit Organizations

Tax Planning

Planning is essential for Retirement Plans, Tax Projections / Analysis, and Business Purchases / Sales.

“I was looking for a highly qualified tax professional to take my place with my clients. Fortunately, I found such a like-minded, caring and equally professional person in Lawrence Jeong, CPA.”

– Wayne Allen Cameron, CPA (retired)

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